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Outlet woman

Outlet woman

In our Clothing outlet, PADELPOINTsection, you can equip yourself at the best price and be able to practice your favourite sport at the best price.

Now go to the latest fashion, style and personality is going to cost very little.

In Store PADELPOINT we have selected the best brands of padel for woman, man, child with amazing discounts on our OUTLET clothing we have created especially for you and where you can find the best garments of the market to the best price of the network.

Enjoy the best experience shopping in Store PADELPOINT (official distributor)

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Adidas Match Green T-Shirt -30%
60.00€ 41.95€ Ex Tax: 34.67€
Adidas Club Green Skirt -30%
40.00€ 27.95€ Ex Tax: 23.10€