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-21% Pala Set Hawk
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This shovel is a mixture of POWER and CONTROL:

1. Starting with the special mold made for the SET brand after several years of research.

2. For its carbon layer of 200 grams in 3K that give an average hardness to the blade with very good touch.

3. And ending with the Compressed Eva rubber that gives the shovel that mixture of power but with control.

-game characteristics:

1. In defense it is easy to handle because it has a lot of touch and control of the ball.

2. In attack it is spectacular, because it is easy to squeeze the ball or make vipers.

Type of players:

This shovel is indicated for players of medium-high and professional level, where they like long points and when you have to squeeze the ball they make winning point.
For players who like control this shovel is very well balanced so with a good wrist it is very controllable where to put the ball.


- WEIGHT: 355-370 gr

- PROFILE: 38 mm

- FORM: Tear

- FRAMEWORK: 100% Carbon

- BALANCE: medium

- FACE: 100% Carbon 3K

-CORE: Black Eva Soft Ultra

- SURFACE: Smooth, glossy

- LEVEL: Professional


- POWER: 9