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Zapatillas Kswiss Express Light Pickleball Blanco Azul Oscuro Cian -10%
REF: 06563-442 EAN: 196483277500The Express Light Pickleball was created to provide players with a c..
$120.00 $107.95 Ex Tax: $89.21
Plantillas FootGel Pickleball -10%
FOOTGEL PICKLEBALL insoles are especially recommended for the practice of Pickleball due to their hi..
$21.00 $18.95 Ex Tax: $15.66
Pala Pickleball Diadem Warrior V2 Amarillo -20%
DESCRIPTIONThe Warrior v2 is the ultimate racket for players looking to dominate the court with powe..
$219.95 $175.95 Ex Tax: $145.41
Pala Pickleball Diadem Icon V2 Blanco -20%
DESCRIPTIONIntroducing the long-awaited ICON v2 PADDLE – DIADEM''s latest evolution of our award-win..
$179.95 $143.95 Ex Tax: $118.97
Pala Pickleball Wilson Blaze Tour -10%
Ref: WR157711 EAN: 097512817684When you''ve mastered the control and can place the ball exactly wher..
$180.00 $161.95 Ex Tax: $133.84
Shovel Pickleball Adidas Adipower Carbon -10%
DESCRIPTIONThe Adipower Carbon Team is a shovel that generates great expectations at first glance.An..
$160.00 $143.95 Ex Tax: $118.97
Pala Pickleball Diadem Icon Mid Weight Blanco -40%
DESCRIPTIONThe ICON PADDLE HEADBAND was designed to take the game of pickleball to the next level.Us..
$159.95 $95.95 Ex Tax: $79.30
Pala Pickleball Diadem Warrior Edge Rojo -20%
DESCRIPTIONThe Warrior Edge is an aggressive version of the legendary Warrior Diadem.The Edge is 16m..
$149.95 $119.95 Ex Tax: $99.13
Pala Pickleball Wilson Tempo Pro -10%
Ref: WR159911 EAN: 097512817653Elevate your performance and excel in the sport you love with the Wil..
$150.00 $134.95 Ex Tax: $111.53
Racket Head IG Challenge LITE Copper -38%
DESCRIPTIONThe CHALLENGE LITE is the lightest tennis racket in the CHALLENGE series, making it easy ..
$120.00 $74.95 Ex Tax: $61.94
Raqueta Head IG Challenge MP Naranja -37%
DESCRIPTIONSlightly lighter than the PRO model in the series, the CHALLENGE MP tennis racket is easy..
$130.00 $81.95 Ex Tax: $67.73
Dunlop Racquet TR FX Team 270 G2 -27%
Ref: 10306264 EAN: 045566175540..
$110.00 $79.95 Ex Tax: $66.07
Dunlop TR FX Team 285 Racquet Blue -20%
Ref: 10306258 EAN: 045566175496..
$119.95 $95.95 Ex Tax: $79.30
Head MX Attitude Suprm Teal Black Racket -37%
DESCRIPTIONWith this racket, you can be sure that your first steps on the court will not be the last..
$110.00 $68.95 Ex Tax: $56.98
Head MX Spark Tour Red Racket -25%
DESCRIPTIONThe SPARK TOUR tennis racket is the most powerful model of the SPARK pre-strung series.It..
$100.00 $74.95 Ex Tax: $61.94
Pala Pickleball Head Extreme Tour Max Verde -13%
The Extreme Tour Max model is the heaviest among the Extreme Tour rackets at 230 g, and offers more ..
$160.00 $139.95 Ex Tax: $115.66
Head MX Spark Elite Blue Racket -25%
DESCRIPTIONEven if you''re new to the court, you''ll be able to make a splash with the SPARK ELITE t..
$80.00 $59.95 Ex Tax: $49.55
Pala Pickleball Head Extreme Tour Max -35%
DESCRIPTIONThe Extreme Tour Max is the heaviest of the Extreme Tour paddles at 8.1oz for extra power..
$125.00 $80.95 Ex Tax: $66.90