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Palas Padel woman | Light blade for girl in Padelpoint + Baratas

Palas Padel woman | Light blade for girl in Padelpoint + Baratas
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Padel racket Bullpadel Gemma Triay Elite Woman 2024 -15%
DESCRIPTIONThe new Bullpadel ELITE shovel is chosen by our player Gemma Triay.A new teardrop-shaped ..
$277.95 $234.95 Ex Tax: $194.17
Pala Bullpadel Ale Salazar Flow Woman 2024 -18%
DESCRIPTIONThe Flow shovel is a light diamond-shaped padel racket, with great potential.It is design..
$244.95 $199.95 Ex Tax: $165.25
Pala Bullpadel Delfi Brea Vertex 04 Woman 2024 -15%
DESCRIPTIONThe Vertex 04W padel racket is a lightweight diamond-shaped padel racket, with maximum po..
$229.95 $195.50 Ex Tax: $161.57
Puma Victoria Iglesias Nova Elite Racket -16%
Ref: 939174-01 EAN: 4067978437371..
$320.00 $269.00 Ex Tax: $222.31
Pala Vibora Diva Elite 3K 2024 -8%
Description:The Diva Elite 3K is the latest racket in the Elite line. A racket with an innovative ro..
$250.00 $229.95 Ex Tax: $190.04
Pala Vibora Naya Xtreme Fiber 2024 -7%
DESCRIPTIONThe Naya Xtreme Fiber is a fuchsia racket from the Xtreme line that maintains the bridge ..
$150.00 $139.95 Ex Tax: $115.66
Pala Puma Victoria Iglesias Solar Attack -54%
DESCRIPTIONSolarATTACK, PUMA''s most technical padel racket, has been designed with professional and..
$350.00 $159.95 Ex Tax: $132.19
Ref: PVK10FUT EAN: 8436603195904We present the new Nox VK10 FUTURE 2024 padel racket, the Aranzazu O..
$244.95 Ex Tax: $202.44
Bullpadel Ale Salazar Flow Woman Master Final 23 racket -31%
DESCRIPTIONThe Flow racket is a lightweight, diamond-shaped racket with great potential.It is design..
$289.95 $199.95 Ex Tax: $165.25
Bullpadel Gemma Triay Elite Woman Master Final 23 racket -31%
DESCRIPTIONThe new ELITE racket from Bullpadel is the one chosen by our player Gemma Triay.Made with..
$289.95 $199.95 Ex Tax: $165.25
DESCRIPTIONBest padel racket for intermediate players in 2022 according to the prestigious Swedish p..
$149.95 Ex Tax: $123.93
Pala Nox Aranzazu Osoro VK10 Luxury 2023 -56%
DESCRIPTIONFrom the right of the court to the top of the world paddle. We present the new padel rack..
$319.95 $139.95 Ex Tax: $115.66
Pala Black Crown Marta Marrero Hurricane Pro 2.0 -25%
DESCRIPTIONWe have developed this shovel together with one of our reference players Black Crown, the..
$200.00 $149.95 Ex Tax: $123.93
The total shovel. Once it is tried nobody wants to leave it: comfortable, solid, powerful, durable...
$199.95 Ex Tax: $165.25
Padel racket Bullpadel Indiga Woman 2023 -30%
DESCRIPTIONThe new INDIGA W shovel is an ultralight, comfortable and very manageable padel racket, w..
$79.95 $55.97 Ex Tax: $46.26
Shovel specially designed for players who start in the paddle or with an intermediate level. The SIL..
$74.95 Ex Tax: $61.94
Pala Munich X-Flow -50%
DESCRIPCIONFormato: Redondo. Control ShapeMarco: Doble tubular 100% carbonoNucleo interior: 100% Fib..
$220.00 $109.95 Ex Tax: $90.87
Pala Munich X-HEAL -40%
$198.95 $119.95 Ex Tax: $99.13
Pala Adidas Marta Ortega Adipower Master LTD -34%
Reference RK1CC5U46Style, exclusivity and power united in a single shovel. Make a difference with ad..
$380.00 $249.95 Ex Tax: $206.57
Pala Enebe Response Woman 2022 -50%
CharacteristicsMatte Smooth FinishBalance: MediumFace: FiberglassComposition/material: FiberConstruc..
$180.00 $90.00 Ex Tax: $74.38

Offers - Palas Padel Mujer - light rackets - buy them mas Baratas!

CATALOGUE PADELPOINT - bladed paddle woman - financing up to 12 months