Slinger Padel Ball Throwing Machine Offer + Cheap

Slinger Padel Ball Throwing Machine

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Lightweight and versatile padel launcher

Have you had trouble finding suitable players to train with? Slinger Padel will help you be the best player on the court. Easy to set up and move around.

Create your ideal workout and challenge your limits!

Choose the cadence and shoot up to 120 balls

Play without interruptions
Up to 3 hours of battery life!

Take it to any track
It weighs only 19 kg!

Store all your gear in one place

Personalize your workout

The Slinger Padel launcher will allow you to train your skills with different throws.
Set up speed, spin, and cadence to find your ideal workout:

Speed: from 10km/h to 73km/h
Effect: topspin, flat and slice
Rate of fire: between 2 and 7 seconds

Amateurs & Professionals
Suitable for players of all ages and levels. Perfect for professionals looking to train specific strokes or padel schools who want to improve their services

Frequently asked questions
Can I choose the exit speed of the ball? And the effect?
Slinger allows you to modify:

The speed of the ball.

The angle of the ball.

The spin of the ball.

The frequency of the ball being thrown.

Can I practice all kinds of strokes with Slinger?
Slinger allows you to practice all the strokes of padel, such as:


Wall drops.




How long does the Slinger battery last?
Slinger''s battery lasts for three and a half hours.

What is the maximum ball speed?
Slinger can throw the ball at a speed of up to 73 km/h.

What level do I have to be to be able to use Slinger?
Slinger is suitable for players of all levels, from beginners to professional players.