Echange de Taille - Retours - Garantie






1. Send an e-mail to customers@internationalpadelshop.comIndicate your e-mail, name and order number. Indicate also if you you want to request a size exchange, a product exchange or a product return.



In case you want to do a size exchange, indicate the size you have purchased and the size you want on exchange.



2. Fill the returns/exchanges form of our e-shop. You can access to the form on the following link:



Click to enter the return/exchange form








All our clients have a return guarantee for 30 natural days from the day you receive your product where we shall refund the full amount of the purchase



**Please do not send any product before you have contacted us first. You can send us an email or you can fill the return form. click here to access the form



1- Any product shall not be returned if its already used or unsealed



2- The products shall be returned as new, with the original seals and labels. A return shall be denied in case the original seal of the product is damaged or missing.



3- To proceed to the return the client shall send the product to our facilities. The client can chose the method of shipping (courier or postal mail) and shall pay for the freight.



The product shall be delivered to the following address:


Padelpoint Europa SL

Avda. Villajoyosa 77

Nave Citroen

La Nucía 03530 Alicante




4- Any return request shall be accepted by Tienda Padelpoint team prior to the process of return. The client shall send all the details of the return to the email or by filling the return/exchange form.



5- The refund of the purchase amount shall be processed by the following terms:



5.1- If the client has either paid the shipping cost or had free shipping, we shall return the amount of the products except the shipping costs, as long as its a full return of all the products of the purchase.


5.2- If the client returns only a part of the products of the purchase we shall return the full amount of the products that shall be returned in case the client had free shipping.


5.3- If the client returns only a part of the products of the purchase we shall return the amount of the products minus the shipping costs, in case the client had shipping costs on the purchase.



6- Once our accounting department confirms the amount to be refunded, we shall proceed to make the refund in a period no longer than a 14 working days​ from the confirmation of the return. We shall refund the amount via the same method that the client made the payment of the purchase. The client has the option to request a gift card to use in further purchases instead of receiving the refund. If the client does not have a valid system to get the refund we shall send a gift card for the amount of the accepted refund.



7. If any of the products purchased had gifts included (balls, over-grip, t-shirt, etc.) they shall be returned along with the product, new and unsealed. Otherwise we shall not accept the return.

Any doubts please contact











The client shall request the exchange to our team by email to or by filling the exchange/return form. To access the form click here.



The client shall proceed to a size exchange following this steps:


1.1 Indicate on the email or form, your name, email, order number and which products and sizes you want to make the exchange for.


2.2 Once we confirm the availability of the product you want to exchange, you shall send the products to our warehouse. You can chose the method of shipping (courier or postal mail) and shall pay for the freight.



The product shall be delivered to the following address:


Padelpoint Europa SL

Av. Villajoyosa 77

Nave Citroen

La Nucía 03530 Alicante




3.3 Once we receive the products and confirm they arrived in perfect conditions (complete, new, not used, unsealed, labels included…) we shall charge the shipping costs for the exchange which is the same as a regular purchase (the amount may vary according to the country) and we shall proceed to send the items to you.


3.4 In the case of an exchange you shall not include the gifts on the return(in case the product had gifts included). You shall only send the product you want to exchange, with the original seal and labels.








1- Some of our products include gifts. If Tienda Padelpoint arranges an extra discount or matches a price to other offers, the gifts shall be removed from the promotion of that particular product.



2- In the case of a return, if the client does not return also the gifts, they shall be charged to the client for its market value (prices stated Tienda Padelpoint e-shop). This amount will be deduced from the refund the client shall receive for the return.



3- The gifts are subject to availability. We keep the right to change the color, model or product included on the gifts for others of the same value or higher, without previous notice.



4- If you have already purchased one product and you want another one with different gifts please let us know at








1- All the products Tienda Padelpoint sells, have the Warranty given by the brand according to the law.



2- To proceed a request of exchange for a product in period of valid warranty, you shall send an email to Indicate your name, email, order number and some details of the issue. You shall also attach 3 pictures of the product:

- One general where we can see the full product.

- One close up where we can see the damage

- One to the serial number (rackets) or bar-code (rest of the products)



3- We shall send your request directly to the brand, as they shall accept or deny the warranty terms. As every brand has different ways to proceed, our quality team will send you the details with the steps to follow depending on the brand.



4- Padelpoint Europe SL, owner of, is merely an intermediary between the brand and the final client, so all warranty process shall be conducted by Tienda Padelpoint but can only be processed and accepted directly by the brand. We shall give all the solutions we have in our hand to provide a warranty service as simple, smooth and quick we can for the client. And we shall also keep the client informed about all the process at any time requested.